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As a yandere the fae prince is no doubt possessive but he’s more so protective;.

Idia Shroud/Reader; Ortho Shroud & Reader; Malleus Draconia/Reader; Lilia Vanrouge/Reader; Silver (Twisted-Wonderland)/Reader; Sebek Zigvolt/Reader; Che'nya. Discover more posts about twst headcanons, twst x reader, malleus draconia x reader, twst imagines, twst scenarios, vil schoenheit x reader, and twisted wonderland x reader. Malleus Draconia/Reader.

Tsunotarou – your new friend – is a mysterious man.

Discover more posts about twisted wonderland x reader, silver x reader, twst x reader, twst angst, lilia vanrouge x reader, malleus x reader, and Malleus Draconia x Reader. . Trey Clover/Reader.

Trusting as he is, Malleus is somewhat possessive. Malleus Draconia/Reader; Leona Kingscholar/Reader; Jack Howl/Reader; Epel Felmier/Reader; Deuce Spade/Reader; Ace Trappola/Reader; Riddle.

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so honestly, malleus is just the dream, ideal boi when taking care of you turned into a baby; and now let a♕-chan transport herself to twisted wonderland and turn.

Azul may employ the use of underhanded unique tactics in multiple spheres of his life but disparaging one based on their physical attributes is not a concept he ever lets pass through his child’s ears.


Diasomnia + NPC x “Wet Cat” energy Yuu. Nov 15, 2021 · Malleus crooned, rolling onto his side again carefully and wrapping his arms around the girth of his midsection. Pairing: Yandere!Malleus x F.

. . Lilia Vanrouge: Lilia X Yandere, Baal like Reader. Feb 20, 2022 · class=" fc-falcon">The Nest & The Menagerie x Sick Yuu. Warning: ⚠️Yandere, Unhealthy Obsession And Mention Of Kidnapping. Malleus often returns to his chambers, deep into the night, to find Baby Dragon™️ clinging fast onto her mother in slumber.

Malleus Draconia/GN!Reader Summary: Your quiet life as a herbalist is disrupted when you take in an injured dragon Word Count: 5,768 Notes: I just really want a mini-dragon Warnings: None.

malleus is a dragon, so naturally, he is expected to be possessive imagine a 202cm dragon towering over you everyday, begging you to give him love and attention “i. .


𝑝𝑎𝑖𝑟𝑖𝑛𝑔: harem x f!reader.

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